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Who is Mallorca Graphics

As the name says, Mallorca Graphics is located in Mallorca (Spain) and started as a one-person company year 2008. At this time, we only worked with web design and some graphic design.

2016 Mallorca Graphic started to work with a USA company called YourWebSiteExperts.

And today we are two owners with four employees. And at the same time, we also added custom coding, marketing, and hosting to our services.

A couple of years later, in 2018, we also started to print any graphic work we had done and ship to wherever the client you are located.

2019 we started with video marketing, and today we are doing doodly, avatar, product presentations, or drone videos.

Today we cover a wide range of different services.

And our clients are all from a private person who wants something small, a new company that needs a web page or the whole package, and even an existing company that wants to update something or do an entire rebranding.

We have clients spread all over the world.

Mallorca Graphics