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Mallorca Graphics is a Mallorca located company that has helped many small and big companies since year 2008

Mallorca Graphics have the ideas for everyone
Let us take care of everything

How Can We Help You?

Everyone at Mallorca Graphics has many years of experience, and we use the right people at the right place. That means that it does not matter if you only need a small design or short video done. Create a small or big website, maybe some special coding to get exactly what you need. We can even do the hosting for you, with or without a service/maintenance contract

Web Development by Mallorca Graphics

Web Development

We have long experience with Blog, Personal web, Business web, Store (webshop), Real estate, Landing page, Affiliate website design. We are working in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento, etc., etc., or in plain HTML.

Graphic Design

Our clients are everything between someone who only needs a new business card, the menu for their restaurant, needs a magazine created, or a company that needs the whole branding pack with everything from a logo, letter header, to the sign for the shop or/and office.

Graphic design in Mallorca
Return on investment

With Mallorca Graphics You Will Have A Roadmap To Success

Our Website Design Process

1. Planning

We go thru what’s your need and what you want to get out of your website.

2. Create and Design

Now, is when we start. We set up the CMS you prefer to use, and start to create designs around your content.

3. Testing

Your website is ready, but before it gets lunched, we need to check so everything working and links goes to the right place.

4. Launch

Normally we build the website in a test area, and when the client is satisfied, we move it to it’s right location.

Graphic Design with experience

We know today that a visual effect gives a higher outcome when you try to forward your messages, that is why graphic design has been so important today. At Mallorca Graphics, we have long experience with any graphic designs you may need. 

Let us take care of everything

Other Things We Can Do For Your Business

need coding mallorca


Video & Marketing in Mallorca

Video & Marketing

High speed hosting in Mallorca


Service Contract for your web site

Service Contract

Coding pro in Mallorca


Sometimes you can’t find the plugin and add-ons that is enough to get the functionality you want.

That’s where we come in! we can do any form of custom programming so you get the exact functionality you need. Whatever if it’s some code changes to a plugin, or write the compleat application… We can help you!

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Marketing & Videos

Today, Digital Marketing is very important, and video is one the best way to get out your message.

Whatever you need some banners, send out a professional email campaign, create a classic video presentation, or maybe a Doodly or an avatar video. Then we can help you!!! 

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You can’t have a website without a hosting contract… And this is more important than many know.

At Mallorca Graphics we offer different hosting packs to fit just your needs. Our serves are all high speed and include a free option for SSL. We are constantly monitoring them to keep them safe.

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Service Contract

It does not matter what CMS you use, it can’t be left without overlooking it regularly.

At Mallorca Graphics, we offer 3 different service/maintenance contracts. whatever you need someone to keep your system up to date, or also need to make regular changes to your content, we have the solution.

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