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We have far surpassed Google Adsense text snippets, which launched in early 2000. it’s no longer enough with some simple text ads to get the client’s attention. We know today that a visual effect gives a higher outcome when you try to forward your messages; that is why graphic design is so important today.

But this has also made it more difficult. Is it not enough to create an excellent design? You need a design that directly grabs your target group’s attention.

At Mallorca Graphics, we have long experience with any graphic designs you may need. We create everything from business cards to multiple pages magazines. And since 2019, we are also doing videos for your marketing.

Who do we work with?

Our clients are everything between someone who only needs a new business card or a menu for their restaurant, a client that needs a magazine created, or a company that needs the whole branding pack, with everything from a logo, and letter header, to the sign for the shop or/and office.

On requests from clients, we can also, since 2016, take care of the printing or creation. And have it shipped wherever you want inside Europa

What kind of graphic design are we doing?

Logo: Don’t think anybody argues when we say that this is an essential part of your company.

Magazine: This is an excellent way to show your products or if you want to make a little longer presentation och what you can do for the clients.

Posters, Flyers & Banners: Posters and flyers are something to make your local area know about your business. A good poster/flyer distributed correctly can make a huge impact.
While banners are used on the web, and therefore extremely important, the banner o gets the clients’ attention directly. A good banner can be an excellent way to point your clients in the right direction.

Business card: We sometimes hear that business cards are not used anymore. That’s not right. It’s still widely used when it comes to leaving out your contact details.

Triplicates: It’s an excellent way to get out information to your clients. You will get the client’s attention on the front, then with lots of information when they open up the triplicate.

Printing Services Mallorca

We are not only a Graphics agency in Mallorca, we also have a printing service Mallorca. Anything from small business cards to magazines with reasonable prices. So why not get your flyer printed Mallorca with us.

At Mallorca Graphics, we always use stock images. Either free source, or bought, or taken/created by ourselves.

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