WHM vs. cPanel

Jun 25, 2022Services0 comments

There is a perception that both WHM and cPanel are the same products that are true or false. There exist some essential differences between WHM and cPanel. The two have the same software, but the interface is different.

What is WHM (Web Host Manager)?

is also known as web host manage, it is an application that permits an individual to manage multiple cPanel accounts, and it’s used as a framework used to work with any cPanel.

What about cPanel?

It refers to a control panel that is used to manage hosting accounts more efficiently and in a short period. It is a Linux-based application that makes it easier to host accounts.

Difference Between WHM and cPanel

cPanel helps edit files, set up databases, and create email addresses, among other uses, and hosting companies prefer to provide a cPanel control panel as it comprises diverse applications.

The characteristic difference between cPanel and WHM is that cPanel is the control panel for one or more websites in one account. WHM is for the one that manages more than one cPanel account. This is, therefore, often called Resseler hosting.

With admin, you can create and manage cPanel accounts, you can manage to host features, create individual accounts, and adjust and restrict the limit for any personally owned cPanel accounts. WHM is available only for VPS and dedicated hosting.

cPanel is set up with one domain, and then depending on the setting for your account, you may be able to add more domains.

Knowing who should use what

If you are a web agency that also takes care of customers’ websites, as we do, you must have this service. It makes security between your different client’s websites more manageable, and organizing other sites becomes more leisurely. 

Those people that have few needs should be capable of thriving and living with cPanel. The only factor that is dependent upon is the requirements of the client. cPanel is extensible and cost-effective, 

The only downside is that is costs money.