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Any private person or company that doesn’t know or doesn’t have time to maintain their website needs a service contract that takes care of your website’s most essential things.

So why do I need a service contract?

If you have a blog, web store, or any other website that is updated regularly, then you need to do this or have someone to do it for you. Even if you have a website that you don’t make updates to, a website with information to your visitors or clients and don’t need to update the content. Sorry, you still need to spend time on your website or get a service contract.

Do I need a Service Contract if I don’t update content on the website?

Yes, you do!
Almost all websites today are built with a Content Manage System (CMS). That means the CMS needs to be updated. You probably also have some add-ons or plugin that also needs to be up to date. This usually is not difficult to do, but many are afraid to touch these things if you are unlucky and crash your website.

Always be sure to have a backup, so you don’t lose anything in case something happens. Then you need to be careful if you have any plugin that is modified. An update of a modified plugin will do that you lose the changes, and if you are not familiar with codes, it will create a problem for you to add these changes to the right place.

How often should I backup my website? (included in some service-pack)

Many times it depends on how often you update the content on your website. If you have a website where you don’t update the content, we would say every time you update the CMS.

When it comes to a blog, then it’s up to you how often you post articles and how much you are willing to risk losing in a “crash.” We, at Web And Design Agency, would recommend to don’t backup up less than one time a week.

When it comes to web stores, you should make a backup every day. And if it’s a big store with multiple orders daily, it would even be recommended to update every 12 hours.

Where can I get a service-contract

Some service contracts have the backups and updating of the system in the packs. Here at Web And Design Agency, we offer four different service packs.

Service Pack – Hosting:
This pack is paid yearly and including the update of CMS and plugin and weekly backups. Pris 60€ (+ V.A.T.)

Service Pack – Basic:
The basic package gives you 2 hours/month to make small updates of your site’s content. In this pack, Updating of your CMS, plugin, and backups are not included but can be added with 50% discounts*

Service Pack – Bussiness and Professional:
The basic package gives you 4 or 8 hours/month to update your site’s content. With this package, the time can also be used on work outside your website, e.g., email marketing or social media**.

*This is only possible if you purchase a yearly contract.
**Web And Design Agency do not give any guarantee on this before we know what

Read more about our packs here.

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