Some WordPress WebSite has done by Mallorca Graphics

I have been working in WordPress since early 2006 when the version was 2.0 (Duke).

Previous versions of WordPress had for long time a bad reputation; it was said that the platform was slow and that Google search page not liked WordPress and was, therefore, bad from an SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) viewpoint. Today, everybody know better, and it’s the biggest AND strongest growing CMS (content management system)

One of the biggest reason why WordPress are so popular, is the amount of available plugins. But also (when once set up), you do not need ANY knowledge about coding to get an update on the page to look good and professional.

Mallorca Graphics do web pages in plain HTML, Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

Here under you can see some of the sites I have done

WordPress Web & Landing-Sites done since 2006