Video Marketing

  • Video is today an important tool for your marketing
Video creations


The use of video in your marketing is the most effective way to reach your audience. But a poorly done video can get you the opposite effect. Unforthly you see that’s too often.

What is good video Marketing?
The biggest mistake most people make is to create a video longer than it needs to be. Nobody wants to sit and look at something in 90 seconds; that could be done in 30-40 seconds. We use to say that “there is a reason why the commercial video, e.g., television, has a standard of 30 seconds”.

We can help you with your Video Marketing
We can create doodles, sketches, and regular videos, always in high resolution. We can also offer voice-over in many different languages. If you have your own voice-over, no problem, we sort that also. The subtitle is another thing that can be added.

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