SSL Certificate, Why it is so important to have?

Jun 25, 2022Security, Web Design0 comments

WordPress and SSL Certificate are a good combination. It is undeniable that WordPress has managed to be a favorite tool with a market share of 28%. This means that it is one of the primary tools that power a lot of businesses online. Consequently, its popularity exposes it as a target for malicious attacks and hackers. These two can leave the website owner stuck without traffic and, even worse, experience falling sales. Furthermore, such insecurity erodes consumer confidence. This implies that it is essential to enhance the security of your website for a successful online business. There are many things you can do to reinforce this, and one of them includes having an SSL certificate. On its own, the certification cannot heighten the level of your website security. However, its presence ensures that your web visitors’ information is safe from hackers.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is the equivalent of a worker’s ID badge. It is what shows your website visitors that your site is safe and their data is protected. SSL certificates are public digital documents that show visitors that your site is legit. The certification is beneficial not only to the website visitor alone but also for the owner. It keeps hackers from diverting your traffic to their malicious sites, which can be used to steal your visitor’s information, money, and identity. An SSL certificate will, therefore, assure you and your visitors that their data and your site are all safe.

Certificate and users security

There are two major ways that SSL enhances WordPress, users’ and visitors’ level of security. One of the ways it does this is by preventing connection to malicious sites. This means that your visitors will have an assurance that nothing suspicious is going on. Secondly, it does this by protecting the transfer of sensitive data through encryption. This is through encoding data in a manner that is only comprehensive by the two parties involved during the transfer. These two parties include your website and the user’s browser.

Three ways by which an SSL certificate secures data as it transferred between computers

  • Users key in your web address on their browser. The browser asks for the identity of the requested server before granting a connection.
  • The server then sends its SSL certificate to the user’s browser.
  • The browser then verifies the authenticity of the certificate and ensures it is updated. A connection is then granted and approved.

The certification a necessity for WordPress website owners?

More and more website owners are adopting SSL certificates because of their benefits and affordability. The primary interest is illustrating customer safety commitment. Therefore, there is a need for every website owner to embrace SSL certificates. As the use of these certificates becomes more widespread, it happens to be the norm. Therefore, not having an SSL certificate will be viewed as not interested in protecting your users’ data and information. Here are the top 3 benefits that you gain from having an SSL certificate.

  • Google is using SSL certification for SEO ranking
  • It protects your web visitors
  • Active SSL certificates increase your visitors’ trust in you and the website.

As the above information illustrates, SSL certification is a handy way to maximize customer trust. This means that you should consider it when you are thinking of a security strategy for your website. The certification will prevent hackers from diverting traffic to their fake sites. Additionally, Google has recently started labeling sites as ‘’not secure’’ if they do not have an SSL certificate. Therefore, there is a need to have the certification to avoid scaring away potential customers.

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