Professional product photography

Live photos and Product photography Mallorca

To say that not everything is about visuality today would be wrong, very wrong. And that is why it is always essential to have professional product photos and live photos.

Everyone can take a photo of their products and put it on the web. But it needs to be good. If not, it can do much more harm than good. For example, a photo with low quality, wrong light, or wrong angle will look unprofessional, lowering your product and store credibility.

But the product photos are not enough today. After the product photos, you must create live images from your products for social media platforms.

At Mallorca Graphics, we have all types of equipment, backgrounds, and light to make your images stick out from your competitors. And, of course, many years of experience with different kinds of products.

Food photography Mallorca

Have you ever heard the expression “I was eating with my eyes”? You must professionally show your plates to gain customers’ interest. A bad “amateurish” photo causes more damage than no photo. So do not damage your business with low-quality photos.

Social media photography

Social media photography has been reasonably used in word combinations in later years. The importance of Social media is something that any company can ignore today. With that, requests for professional photos in clients’ social media marketing have also come. We at Mallorca Graphics are here to provide you with this kind of material


If you create your labels and/or boxes and prefer mockups to show the product in your store, don’t worry; we can help with this too. We need a picture from your packing and size, and we will deliver a professional mockup file in PhotoShop format (.psd or .psb).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.