Is your brand’s face outdated? Don’t update your logo too late

Jul 15, 2023Graphic0 comments

The logo is the face of your brand… It may be time to update your logo.

It’s the visual representation that people remember your business and what it stands for. Because of this, logos play a crucial role in building brand identity and recognition. However, like everything in business, logos need an update occasionally to stay relevant and practical. In this article, we will discuss when it’s time to update your logo so you can keep your brand looking fresh and modern.

1. Your logo appears outdated.

A logo that’s outdated is a clear sign that it’s due for an update. Trends and styles shift over time, causing a logo that appeared modern and captivating a decade ago to seem outdated now. If your label employs an archaic font or color scheme, it might be time to upgrade. A redesigned logo can have a more current appearance, catching the eye of younger generations and aiding in establishing greater familiarity with your brand.

2. Your Company Underwent Changes.

When your business grows and changes, so does your brand identity. And Your logo should reflect who you are and what you stand for. If your company has undergone a significant transition, such as a merger or acquisition, it may be time to update your logo to reflect this. This could be a change in colour, font, or even the overall design of your logo.

3. Your Logo Does Not Stand Out

One area where your brand might be lacking is logo visibility. If people aren’t able to easily distinguish or remember it, it might be time to update your logo.

Standing out is essential in the modern world, where consumers daily are inundated with countless logos. Potential customers may disregard your brand if your logo fails to differentiate your business from competitors effectively. To ensure your business remains memorable, consider redesigning your logo to make it distinctive and unforgettable.

4. Your logo’s lack of versatility is problematic.

A great logo should be recognizable and functional in any situation, from a small social media profile pic to a massive billboard ad. Simplicity is key – a simple logo that scales well can help elevate your company’s marketing efforts. The more versatile the design, the better it will work for your brand.

5. It may be time to update your logo if your logo no longer connects with your target audience.

Finally, updating your logo is crucial if it no longer connects with your target audience. Whether your demographic has changed or your business has ventured into a new market, ensuring that your logo appeals to these groups is essential. A successful redesign will carefully consider the demographics and develop a logo that resonates with them.


In summary, update your logo is crucial for keeping your brand identity current and relevant.
There are a few reasons why you should consider updating your logo. Firstly, if your company has undergone significant changes, a new logo might better reflect the current state of your business. Secondly, your current logo may not be distinguishable enough and you struggle to stand out from competitors. Lastly, newer and more versatile logos have the power to appeal to your intended audience more effectively, so update your logo before you start to loose any business.

Refreshing your brand with a new logo design can help you project a fresh and contemporary image while growing your business. Bear in mind a logo redesign is about communication, effectively capturing your brand values and messaging. If you’re looking to achieve your branding objectives, don’t hesitate to contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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