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It’s nice to have a beautiful web site and cool Facebook and Instagram accounts, but if the sales are not good it doesn’t really matter how good your web site and your social media are. Mallorca Graphics can help you to have all.

With eMail marketing, you increase your sale!

Many people believe that this is not effective any longer. They are wrong, in fact, it’s still the most effective way to increase your sale. But today you can not only write down a text and send out. You need to think about the design, words that you use, and of course follow the law of GDPR.

Small changes to your web site can improve sales!

When you create an online store is not only important how it looks, it’s also important that clients can quickly find what they are looking for. 

Social Media can’t be ignored!

Clients ask me very often, “do I need to use social media” and my answer is always. Social media is a bloody sh#%, but yes. you must use it. It does not really matter wish branch you are in, Social media is today to big to be ignore.

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