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Maintenance Contract 

When your website is up then you don’t need to bother about anything? Well, that is not true, you need to manage your site, keep it up to date, and most importantly, keep a backup of everything. We can help you with all this thru any of our Maintenance Contract.

We have 4 different packages, depending on what you need.

* Pack 3 and Pack 4 have time included to work on third-party tasks, related to your business, e.g. email marketing, social media marketing or any Graphic design

Maintenance Contract (read the contract here)

Maintenance Services include:

  • Updates to the Client’s Content Management System, plugins, and themes. [1.1]
  • Local and cloud backup of the website on a weekly basis. [1.2]
  • Regular security scans.
  • Restore of the website from backups. [1.3]
  • Text, images, and other minor designee changes to Client’s website pages. Work to the third-party services is not included (on all packs) and will be done after agreement on time and price. [1.4]

[1.1] – This is done 4 times/month, if not any urgent update is required. WebAlvarez will only update to a stable version, and no Beta version is allowed on the web site.
[1.2] – If any changes are lost between backups, it’s the client responsible to recover/redo this, or WebAlvarez will do it using hours contracted. If no changes to the content or design have been done, only a monthly backup will be done, WebAlvarez will still be responsible to keep backup of client’s web site both locally and in the cloud.
[1.3] – If this is needed it’s included even if full time is used for the month.
[1.4] – Pack 1 and Pack 2; Do not have any work to third-party services, e.g. email & social media marketing or graphic design.
 Pack 3; Of the 4h contracted, up to 1h can be used on third-party services.
Pack 4; Contracted time can be used in any area.


Use Of Time, Fees, Refunds, and Cancellation

Use of time

  • Any task requested will be counted in minutes (minimum 10min)
  • If there is a need for more time than contracted in the Maintenance Contract, the normal cost will be 28€/h (a minimum charge, 30min) plus VAT. Any work over contract hours needs to be approved by the client.
  • Time not used, will not be transferred to next month, and are lost, Maintenance Services time is strictly month to month
  • If more time than contracted is used, a time rapport will be presented with the invoice. For a time under your contracted hours, the time rapport will only be given upon request.


  • Contract time is monthly, from the 1st to the last day every month.
  • WebAlvarez will send the invoice the 25th month before, and it should be paid before the last same month. If the client has not paid the fee, a reminder will go out the 1st and will then need to be paid within a week, the service agreement will no longer be valid, until it’s paid, and 25% of the contracted time is lost. Under this time, only update of Content Management System, plugin and theme will be done, no backups or update to page content will be done
  • If the fee is not paid before the 7th for the actual month, the contract will cancel immediately.
  • If a new contract is started in the middle of the month the first payment will be for the missing time of that month plus the following month And need to be done before any work are beginned.


  • If the client cancels the contract no refund will be given, and the contract will be active to the last day in that month.


  • Cancelation must be done by email and will be confirmed by WebAlvarez
  • The client must cancel before the 20th of the month before renewal. The contract will still be valid until the end of the month.
  • WebAlvarez can with 45 day’s notice cancel the contract without any further explanation. This will be done by mail and client need to confirm to WebAlvarez that the mail is received.

WebAlvarez Responsibilities

  • All work that will take up to 1,5h or less will be done as quickly as possible and guaranteed within 24h. Longer work will be done after an agreement with the client.
  • When/if 75% of time contracted, are used, the client will be informed, but can at any time request how much time is used.
  • When the task is done, WebAlvarez will confirm this by mail to the client

Client Responsibilities

In purposes of providing these services, Client agrees:

  • Send all requests about changes or updates by email, ONE task per mail.
  • Answer any questions from WebAlvarez, in regard to task work on the website.
  • To provide WebAlvarez with full access to website/s and FTP for the purpose of providing Maintenance Services.
  • Don’t do any updates to Content Management System, plugin and theme
  • Inform WebAlvarez if any changes are done to plugin, theme or link structor.

Client Acknowledgements

Client understands, acknowledges, and agrees that:

  • The client understands that all work that expected to take 1,5h or more will be scheduled according to WebAlvarez. Except in the case of a work that are considered an “emergency.”
  • Failure by Client to answer questions, critical to complete the task within 1 business days may cause the task to be moved to the “end of the line” in our work flow. Depending on the time of the month, this could make the task to roll over into next month’s hours.
  • When time allocated in the Maintenance Contract has been reached for the month, any other work will be charged 28€/h (minimum charge; 30min). This work must always be approved by the client.
  • All updates are scheduled at our convenience. We have a workflow that we use to maintain all of our clients’ websites in a fair and orderly fashion. The only exception being in the case of considered an ‘emergency’ and would take priority as mention above.
  • The client understands that if they provide WebAlvarez with information to a task, and the task has been completed, and then wish to make changes to the same task, additional time will be charged (minimum; 10min).
  • CMS design, integration of plugins that require intensive configuration, or programming of things that require extensive time to set up, including but not limited to blogs, shopping carts, API integrations with third-party services, and web forums are not considered “minor” changes and therefore are not included in the Maintenance Contract. These require a separate design or development price agreement.
  • Maintenance Agreement does not include training on how to use your website, WordPress, email, SEO, or Marketing.
  • All communications will be done during regular business hours, which are Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and Saturday 9:00 AM to 14:00 PM (GMT+1).
  • If the Client’s website is not hosted with WebAlvarez, we have no control and can not be responsible for Client’s hosting company in regard to server downtime, incompatibilities with software, PHP compatibility issues, etc.
  • WebAlvarez has no control over the policies of search engines or directories with respect to the type of sites and/or content that they accept now or in the future. The client’s web site(s) may be excluded from any search engine or directory at any time at the sole discretion of the search engine or directory entity.
  • WebAlvarez is not responsible for rewriting sentences, restructuring paragraphs, or checking for typing errors, misspellings, etc.
  • WebAlvarez is not responsible for changes made to the Client’s web site(s) by other parties or the Client.
  • During the duration of this contract, the Client agrees that WebAlvarez will be the sole provider of maintenance services for the website, and no other party will have access to, or rights to make change to the web site’s code. If a party, including the Client, makes changes so any errors occur that are in any way related to these changes, and it must be repaired or reconfigure, this will not go under the Maintenance Contract, and will be charged the hourly rate specified above (minimum 30min).
  • WebAlvarez will not be responsible if the Client’s website(s) became compromised, hacked, or infected, if not WebAlvarez is the only with administrator access. But can on request, restore the backup with normal time charge regarding Maintenance Contract.


If you do not find any of our Service pack are working for you, please contact and let us know what you need.

If you interesting in any of our packs and have any questions, contact us and let us know and we will explain everything.

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