Landing Page… Benefits To Have One?

Jun 25, 2022Web Design0 comments

Before websites and social media were here, companies did all their marketing on paper, radio, and television. Today, this has changed totally, and companies that think it’s enough to do it the old way are really out in deep water. Many companies use a landing page as a part of their marketing.

So what exactly is a landing page?

A landing page also has other names, like a single property page, destination page, static page, or lead capture page. And to explain what it is. Well, that is easy. A simple explanation is, a Landing page is a one-page website. But the fact is that a landing page is, in some cases, used as the leading company’s website.

The one-page website is not very common for a company page. Naturally, it is not enough space to get all information on one page without a lot of scrolling. And today, even small things like this is essential to get visitors to stay on your site.

So when should you use a landing page?

There is not any straight answer to this. It’s only your imagination that puts up the limits on this. Many eCommerce companies use it to put the spotlight on unique products.

In an e-store, your space is limited. It’s also hard to make an explanation concerning your products using media. Therefore, a landing page is a perfect way to spotlight a product and explain the benefits of just this product in a way that attracts the buyer.

Some companies don’t have the checkout option on these pages, instead, they send them back to the store. If this is right, it’s depending on who you ask. We at Web And Design Agency believe it’s wrong. We believe that the clients want to check out directly on the page, instead of being sent to another domain. But as I said, this is our opinion.

Other uses of landing pages.

Landing pages are also used to gain subscribers, surveys, special holiday offers, or competitions. But as I said earlier, the limit is your own imagination.

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