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Image resolution can merely be defined as the total number of picture elements in a particular image. Picture elements are also commonly known as pixels. The resolution of an image is given by the width as well as the height of an image. It is also identified regarding the total amount of picture elements in an image. To illustrate this further, here is a clear example. An image might have 2048 picture elements wide as well as 1536 picture elements high. That is 2048 X 1536, which is 3,145,728 pixels once you multiply width by height. This kind of image is said to have a resolution of 2048X1536 or can also be referred to as a 3.1-megapixel image.

Image resolution and computer screens

The higher the number of megapixels in your device, the larger the image it can produce. This implies that a three-megapixel camera will produce a smaller image as compared to a 5-megapixel camera. When it comes to computer screens, the resolution is set depending on the size of your monitor. This, therefore, means that the larger the computer screen, the higher the resolution. It is possible to alter the resolution settings, but there is an optimal resolution for every screen size.

The resolution of the screen and the resolution of the image determine how an image appears on a computer screen. When you open an image that has a lower resolution than that of the screen only a part of your screen is occupied. The vice versa is also true, that once you open an image that has a higher resolution than that of the screen, you will have to scroll sideways and upwards to see various parts of the image. This is because it will not fit on your screen as it has a higher resolution.

Image resolution and print size

Image resolution determines the maximum print size of a document. This means that an image with a resolution of less than 640 X 480, can only produce a wallet size print document to the maximum. Image with 640 X480 resolution, can create a print size document of 4 X 6 at most. 1024 X 768 image resolution, can produce 4 X 6 maximum print size. 1152 X 864 image resolution, can provide a 5 X 7 maximum print size. Finally, a 1600 X 1200 image resolution, can produce a print size document of 8 X 10 at most.

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