HTTP vs. HTTPS, What Is The Difference)

25 Jun, 2022Security, Web Design

Which websites need HTTPS?

To answer this, we must first explain the difference between these two protocols. HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) is a network protocol for application layers used for distributed, collaborative, and hypermedia information systems. Or simply HTTP is a basic rule or protocol that controls the communication between client and server. The client is the user who requests and receives information, while the server is the one who provides the information.

HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol) is a secure version of HTTP. The job is the same, but when exchanging HTTPS data with authentication and encrypted communication. Netscape Communications Corp developed HTTPS.

How it works

The most striking difference is how it works in data transfer. HTTP does not provide security in communication between client and server, while HTTPS provides more protection where the client and server can communicate securely. All sent data between the client and server are encrypted. The encryption is at SSL (Secure) encrypted Layer Layer or Transport Layer Security (TLS). So even if the data have been stolen, it can not be read because it’s encrypted.


The second most fundamental difference is that the default port for HTTP is 80 and 443 for the security protocol

The benefits of HTTPS

  • Increase the trust of visitors to the website.
  • Secure transactions on the website with encryption, including credit card data, passwords, etc.
  • Websites that use SSL get a better SEO ranking from Google than websites that are not SSL protected.
  • Right to display SSL Secured Seal on the website.
  • Increase the sales or conversion rate on websites as a result of increased consumer confidence.
  • (EV SSL) Increase your company’s prestige with a green bar and company name in the browser’s address bar
  • (EV SSL from Symantec) Get free malware scan and vulnerability assessment services from Symantec

If it is seen from its function, as long as the website does not send essential data that could harm you if it is misused, you do not need it. Because, just like the description above, HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. But we always recommend it because Google more or less demands it for some years back.

Then do online stores need to use HTTPS?

Yes! Because your client information is vital. And may be misused by irresponsible persons if the data has been successfully stolen.

Some large companies, such as Apple and Chrome, encourage the use of HTTPS. And Google search engine down-ranks you if you do not have it.

How can I get an SSL certificate?

Almost every company that sells domains can provide you with this, of course, at an extra cost. Then some companies only sell certificates. We have free SSL certificates with our hostings. Contact us for more information.

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