How Much Cost a Website

Jun 25, 2022Services, Web Design0 comments

I can’t count how many times we got the question…
How much
cost a website?

I don’t think any web developer hasn’t heard the question – What is the price of a website? And it’s a question that no professional web developer can answer without ALL information on what is needed.

A question like this is in comparison with – how much for a car?  The price is, of course, different from a 20-year-old Skoda to a new Mercedez Benz, only to mention one example.

Many developers use to answer – what do you want to have? Only to get a replay – Oh, only something simple.

Our response here at Mallorca Graphics is always – how much do you want to pay?

There are not any real answers to the question – How much cost a website cost?

Everything depends on what you need and what you intend to do with the website once it’s ready. Another vital thing to know is, there you will be required to buy some licenses for the website. We can, of course, code any plugin or addon that you need, but it is always cheaper to buy a ready one if it exists.

Still, when you have explained this to some customers, there are still a few of them that answer, not only a small website. The fact is that the size of your web page is often not the essential factor.

So what factors set the price?

There is, of course, the design part, but apart from that, there are many things that matter. As I mentioned earlier, is there any need to buy any plugin or addon license? Then there is the content to be added, and there you need to know how much text (and pages). Images (not for the design) are if they sorted for the web? It can be time-consuming to sort images; I once got 50+ images to add; all photos were in RAW format, direct from a DSL camera. And the client wanted me to sort it, which increased the price, in this case, by 25%. 

Then there is the SEO part. We at Mallorca Graphics always deliver a website with basic SEO prepared. It means all images have “alt tags,” and all pages/posts have the right amount of H1, H2, and H3 paragraphs. But if the client wants us to write meta titles and descriptions is another price.

But the list can be made long when it comes to what the client needs. And that is up to us at Mallorca Graphics to find out before giving the client the price, if possible. In some extreme cases, it is impossible, and then we need to work on an hourly cost.

So it’s essential to get the complete picture before giving a price that we can keep to the client.

So the simple answer to – how much for a web page? It is impossible to answer before we have ALL THE FACTS.

Contact us without any obligation on what you need.