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Our work

Web Pages

From landingpages to big onlineshops

We do all kind of web sites and working in many different SMS or plain HTML. Our websites are always delivered with a responsive designe


A good logo is important.

Some people say that your logo can determine your company’s success or not. We always deliver logos with a full package.


Poster & flyers is always helpful.

Posters and flyers are still an important part when it comes to your marketing strategy. We make anything from small flyers to posters or big signs.


Magazines, Folders & Menus.

Do you need any magazine, folder or maybe a menu? We create anything from double-page work or multi-pages magazine. We can also sort the printing for you.


Office: +34 871 577 122
Mobile: +34 608 515 626 (WhatsApp)
Skype: pedro.alvarez68

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My name is Pedro… I’m was born in Sweden in 1968, a moved to Mallorca (Spain) when I was 25.

I have always had a great interest in everything that has to do with tech, and my first computer was bought in 1982.

I started with Windows 1.0 in 1986. In early 2000, I learn about Linux, and today I use Debian. In 2011, I bought an iMac and since then, I have worked with all three operating systems.

This is some borring things, but need to be here :)