Why Is A Good Logo Important For Your Business Branding

Jun 4, 2023Graphic, Marketing0 comments

A good logo takes a 75% share in all Brand identifiers and helps people decide on your business.

So, if you still need a logo or your logo that doesn’t tells your brand story, you are losing potential customers.

But don’t get it confused with branding. That’s what many believe, although the logo is just an essential part of a business’s branding.

So, let’s start with what makes it great. It’s not just a tag anymore 😀

Simple Attributes That Make A Logo Great

  1. Simple and Memorable – A good logo should be simple, recognizable, and easy to remember.
  2. Versatile – The design should look good in full colour but work in just one or two colours and print formats.
  3. Appropriate – It should reflect the company’s values, mission, and brand personality.
  4. Relevant – As the company evolves and changes, the logo should become current and relevant to the times.
  5. Scalable – The design should be scaled up or down without losing its core elements or message.

5 Reasons A Good Logo Still Matters In 2023

Now let’s blow the leftover doubts and get a great logo.

1.    Brand Recognition

Remember you have just 7 seconds to express your business, as people are taking less time to judge your brand.

Customers who see your logo should instantly think of your brand and what it stands for.

It should be consistent across all platforms, from print to digital ads and social media networks.

That way, no matter where potential customers see it, they’ll recognize it as yours!

2.    Professionalism and Credibility

People often judge businesses by their logos, so make sure yours looks polished and professional to attract the proper attention.

Also, remember that using stock images or clipart in your design can quickly backfire; customers may see it as unprofessional or cheap. Here is how the portrays professionalism and credibility:

  • Give a clear message.
  • Reflects your company’s values.
  • Create a unique identity.

To truly showcase the quality behind your brand, hire professional designers who can bring unique ideas to life with custom designs tailored precisely to your needs.

3.    Unique Identity

Think about iconic symbols like Apple’s bitten apple or Nike’s Swoosh – they are instantly noticeable without any other visual cues or words attached.

A great logo will capture what makes your company unique in one distinct image that stands out from the crowd.

4.    Advertising Tool

Logos are used everywhere – from websites, email campaigns, and social media accounts – so make sure yours is up-to-date and up-to-par with industry standards on all platforms where it is used!

All aspects of branding must stay consistent throughout each platform; this includes colours, fonts, symbols, and more that help gives customers an idea of what they can expect when interacting with your brand!

5.    Memorable Impression

Lastly, make sure that when customers look at the company sign, they have a memorable impression!

It should evoke positive feelings associated with trustworthiness and reliability and reflect your company’s values through its design elements (i.e., fonts/colours).

When done correctly, customers will remember you sometime soon!

So, from increasing brand recognition to creating a memorable impression among potential customers – investing in a good company sign is always worth the effort!

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