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Almost everyone loves photos because they capture the beauty of a moment. Photographs are what we have when we want to hold on to memories. It’s one of the main reasons why most people take photographs. There are some days you wish should never come to an end. Luckily your camera helps out with that. The best thing about photography is that you do not have to be a pro to take studio-quality captions. You don’t have to break a bank to take amazing captions. Here are five hacks to help you snap cinema-quality portraits photos using common household items.

#1. Diffusers

Are you planning to take outdoor portraits photos for your newborn? Diffusers will be incredible tools for this task. For formalities, diffusers can be any translucent material which can perfectly soften the bright light. Hard light can be harmful and annoying to your newborn, and this would not help even a bit to generate beautiful photos. To protect your child from such and to make sure you have created soft light for the session, diffusers are what you need to bridge the gap.

#2. Portrait stools

Portrait stools are excellent tools that help generate studio quality portraits photos. They specifically made for portrait photography. The fancy hydraulic stool is used by your subject to sit on as you make their portrait. However, you do not need to invest in one to make amazing portraits photos. If you got a small 2-step ladder or 2- step stool for kids, they would serve the same functionality. You can use those tools outdoors or indoors when making a portrait. You can also use the objects to place your gear when outdoors to keep them from getting dirty.

#3. Backgrounds

For amazing portraits photos, a beautiful background is important. You can convert a plain wall into an incredible portrait background. This is by picking a plain concrete wall and posing your subject a distance from it. At this moment, you should utilize the wide aperture feature. Then use your phone flashlight or an improvised reflector to capture the portrait. This way, you get an amazing seamless background, giving your portrait a studio quality look.

#4. Phone flashlight

Your mobile phone can help you take professional portrait photos. In case you did not know, a phone is an incredible photography tool right in your pocket. If you lack an off-camera flash, never worry as your phone flashlight can be a steady fill light. Therefore, if you require a little light boost, use your phone flashlight to bridge the gap. Point the flashlight directly towards your subject and in close range then capture the portrait.

#5. Reflectors

For on-location and studio setups, reflectors are a necessity. They are the tools that fill shadows with light. Reflectors also create cool effects and bounce light back to the subject. Additionally, reflectors are also used to block sunlight or light that falls on the subject or you. This means that it is a basic need when taking portraits photos. To avoid spending too much on one, you can improvise a reflector (using a cardboard piece, aluminium foil and spray glue) and get similar results. Depending on the portrait requirements, the reflector can be small or huge. Normally, on-location portraits require large reflectors while indoor photography requires small ones.

These are top 5 portraits photos hacks which will greatly save you a lot of time and keep you from spending a fortune. Moreover, they will help you enhance your portrait experience as well as that of your subject during on-location photography. Save the hacks for your next session for different and better results.

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