Email Marketing Still Working In 2023? [It’s Growth Time]

25 Apr, 2023Marketing

Email marketing has been a tried-and-true digital marketing and outreach tool for years, but is it still working in 2023? The short answer is absolute!

Email marketing is set apart because it can reach your target audience without relying on search engine optimization or digital advertising.

But the landscape is changing, and it’s important to understand how email marketing will transform in 2023. Here are five reasons why email marketing is so important in the modern world:

The Stats Tell Another Story!

  • Email marketing is expected to remain one of the most effective digital marketing methods in 2023, as it has been for many years.
  • Nearly 70% of consumers prefer to receive promotional content via email over other channels.
  • Automated emails have an incredibly high open rate of around 50%, compared to just 15-20% for other digital marketing campaigns.
  • Email marketing provides an incredible return on investment of up to 3,600%. It’s an excellent way for marketers to get maximum bang for their buck.
  • Well-crafted email campaigns are more likely to result in customer purchases than traditional digital marketing methods.

5 Reasons Email Marketing Is Still Important In 2023

Let’s hook into the 5 main benefits and what you can do to ensure your campaigns succeed in 2023.

1.    Everyone Has at least one Email Account (How many do you have?)

Regardless of age or background, almost everyone has an email account these days – and it’s the most crucial factor in its enduring success being a marketing tool.

Everyone needs an email to signup either for some gaming website or platform or even to order some product from Amazon.

That makes reaching potential customers much more accessible than relying solely on other forms of communication, such as posts or even social media messaging.

2.    Personalization (and Automation) Is Easier Than Ever Before

Email marketing allows you to send personalized messages to your customers. You can use customer data to tailor messages, helping you create a more meaningful customer experience. This can result in increased customer engagement.

Plus, automation makes it much easier to stay on top of sending out emails regularly without having to do everything yourself manually.

By automating processes, you can ensure that emails are sent out when needed and increase the message’s relevance.

3.    Customers Like Emails (Not direct marketing ones!)

Despite the fact that people now receive more emails than ever before, customers still like to get emails that offer value.

That means email marketing is still a great way to get your message across and build customer relationships. The key here is providing value!

4.    It Helps Your SEO Ranking

Lastly, email campaigns can help boost your SEO rankings too.

Wait SEO? Yes!

Sending out emails to your customers can help increase engagement with your website and content, which in turn sends positive signals for SEO rankings.

5.    It’s Cheap (And Sometimes Free!)

Compared to other forms of marketing, such as television or digital ads, email campaigns are relatively inexpensive (or even free).

It makes them an excellent option for businesses on a budget looking to promote their products/services without breaking the bank.

Since you don’t need any physical space or equipment as you would with traditional advertising methods, you only need an internet connection!

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