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When you are creating an effective flyer for any business, regardless of whether it is yours or a client’s your mind should always be on the design and content. Flyers are marketing investments. Hence, they should be thorough and efficient. A flyer with relevant and trustworthy content as well as a design that is engaging always attracts the attention of potential clients.

For this to happen, some things should never lack in a business flyer. They include;

  • Effective FlyerContact information
  • Bold Headline
  • Releated image/s
  • Social media details
  • Address / eMail / WebSite
  • Key facts
  • Value statements
  • Call to action
  • Discounts/specials
  • Distance yourself from the crowd
  • Bullets

Additionally, you should never forget including your end goal in the flyer. It means that your mind should always be fixed on the target audience and the purpose of the flyer. It is wise to avoid crowding your flyer with everything that crosses your mind. It is because your flyer will only be efficient and thorough in case your choices are smart and intentional.

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My name is Pedro… I’m was born in Sweden in 1968, a moved to Mallorca (Spain) when I was 25.

I have always had a great interest in everything that has to do with tech, and my first computer was bought in 1982.

I started with Windows 1.0 in 1986. In early 2000, I learn about Linux, and today I use Debian. In 2011, I bought an iMac and since then, I have worked with all three operating systems.

This is some borring things, but need to be here :)