• Everybody need a wen shop today


For us, in the branch, we have always known that e-commerce will be something you, as a store owner, can’t ignore. And over the years, it has been more evident that this is where we are aiming. And with the lockdowns in many places in 2020, the last doubters have now agreed with us.

There is no downside to having an e-store, even if it’s a compliment to your physical store or only selling on the web. Your e-Commerce is open 24h / 7 days a week. And because it’s on the web, you can reach a bigger audience. And this with less cost for rent and employees.

So what system shall I use?

There are many different eCommerce systems. But we at Web And Design Agency, in most cases, recommend WooCommerce. For many years WooCommerce has had a reputation that it was not powerful enough for bigger e-stores. And that’s right, but since 2015, when WordPress was included in the development, many things have changed.

For e-Commerce, we recommend WooCommercs.


e-Commerce woocommerce Why? There are quite some reasons for that. It’s very configurable, many free addons, and the pro version of the addons, if needed, always keeps a low price compared with other systems, and WooCommerce itself, is of course, free.

WooCommerce works with WordPress and it’s also developed by WordPress, therefore it makes it the perfect fit.

Problem to getting approved by any Credit Card company?

To run an online store today without the possibility to charge with Credit Card is almost an impossible thing today.

For you, that have a high-risk product is very difficult to find a company that will approve you. And if you find someone, that finally approves of your products, it will be with high cost on every sale, or a monthly cost plus normal cost on your sales.

We have a solution that we already used on many web-shops. And best of all, it’s a very price-worthy solution.

Contact us, if you need help to get your product payable with a credit card.

Note: Is a big difference between “high-risk” products and illegal products. We will NOT DEAL with any illegal products.


This is another e-Commerce system we work with

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