Social Media Marketing

  • Every company should work with Social Media
Social Media


Social media may be fun for a private person.

But is Social Media Marketing fun for a company?

We often get the question, “Do I need Facebook?”
Yes, and at least Instagram also; These two are too big Platforms to be ignored.

So back to the question, no, it’s not fun, it’s lots of work, and this needs to be done regularly.

It is not only to post things that take time. There is also the time you need to create the content. And you can not only post text updates, then it will not take a long time before people start to unfollow your Facebook Page. You need a variety of text, images, video, and post links if possible.

Then if it’s done correctly, you also need to follow up on the analytics to know and learn what’s working best for your followers.

Mallorca Graphics can help you with your Social Media marketing. We create content, post, and follow up on the analytics and give you weekly or monthly rapports.