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Who Is Mallorca Graphics

Who Is

Mallorca Graphics?

Mallorca Graphics, true to its name, finds its roots in the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain. Founded by Pedro in 2008, our journey initially revolved around crafting small-scale websites. However, what transpired exceeded all expectations as the demand surpassed our wildest imaginations.

Today, we cover a wide range of different services.

In addition to creating small websites, our portfolio has expanded to include a diverse range of projects, from dynamic landing sites to big eCommerce and Real Estate platforms boasting numerous products or properties.

As time progressed, we embraced the fields of Graphic Design and Marketing, responding to the demands of our clients. With the advent of Social Media, we further integrated video and photo services into our offerings.

Today, our dedicated team at Mallorca Graphics boasts extensive experience across all our services. We take pride in delivering exceptional quality and expertise to our clients. 

So why work with us?

We pride ourselves on being a boutique agency, where you won’t feel like just another client. Our small team of four dedicated individuals works closely with you, ensuring personalized attention and direct communication. When additional expertise is needed, we tap into a network of trusted freelancers with whom we have built long-standing relationships. Rest assured, you will always interact with us directly, and we take full responsibility for delivering exceptional work.

Our Clients

Our clientele spans from individuals seeking personal projects to small and large businesses in need of web design, graphics, and video production. We also assist established companies looking to revamp their brand identity or make updates. With a global reach, we proudly serve a vast customer base, including many loyal clients who continue to entrust us with their needs.


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