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Who Is Mallorca Graphics

Who Is

Mallorca Graphics?

As the name says, Mallorca Graphics, yes, we are located in Mallorca (Spain), and I, Pedro, started the business in 2008. At this time, it was to create small websites. But relatively quickly, I noticed that the demand was more significant than I could have imagined.

Today we cover a wide range of different services.

Apart from doing small websites, we today do everything from small landing sites to big eCommerce sites and Real Estate with hundreds of properties. 

After a couple of years, we included Graphic design and marketing. Then, with the growth of Social Media, we have now also included video and photo services after many of our clients asked for just these services.

Today we offer a wide range of services, and everybody working with Mallorca Graphics is dedicated and has many years of experience. 

So why work with us?

We are not a big agency that will treat you like one of all other of their clients. Instead, we are a small group of 4 dedicated people working directly with you. And when we need it, we contract other freelancers we have used for many years. But don’t worry, you will always deal with us, and we are always responsible for the work.

Our Clients

Our clients are everything from a private person who wants something small. A small or big company needs a web page, graphics, and videos too an existing company that wants to update something or do an entire rebranding. We have clients worldwide, and many of them are returning customers.


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