5 Reasons Why Doodle Video Is Good For Marketing

4 Feb, 2023Marketing, Video

As we have moved into 2023, the digital marketing landscape is continuing to evolve and develop.

One tool that looks set to have a big impact this year is the doodle video – an animation technique that uses illustrations, images, and movement to tell stories.

This technique is already popular with marketers because of its ability to engage viewers and boost brand visibility.

But what are the key benefits of doodle videos, and why should marketers consider using them this year?

Look At The Hype Around Doodle Videos

  • Research shows more than 65% of viewers are visual learners.
  • Doodles can help drive conversions: viewers who watched doodle videos were 33% more likely to act than those who didn’t view them.
  • The average viewer spends more time watching a doodle video than other video formats.

5 Reasons To Use Doodle Video For Marketing

Here are five reasons why doodle videos are good for marketing in 2023.

1.    Catches Attention Quickly

Time is money! And with doodle videos, you don’t need to invest much time in getting someone to read your content or watch your video – they’re already hooked!

Doodle videos combine animation, text, music, and sound effects, which help capture attention quickly.

Packed with a lot of information in a short period, so viewers can get the gist of what you’re trying to say without having to watch an entire video from start to finish.

2.    Unique & Memorable

Doodle videos stand out from other types of visuals because they have an exciting style that draws people in right away.

People remember stories more than facts and figures, which is why doodles are so powerful – they tell stories in a fun way that audiences can relate to!

These videos can be easily shared on social media platforms, increasing their reach even more.

3.    Cost-Effective & Time-Saving

Compared to traditional video production methods like filming live-action footage or creating 3D animations, doodle videos are much less expensive.

They take less time to make (which means you can launch campaigns faster). Also, you don’t need special software or equipment with doodle videos – you need creativity and a reliable doodle video maker!

4.    Make Your Content More Accessible

By using visuals such as drawings and simple animations instead of words, your audience can quickly understand what you’re trying to say without prior knowledge about the subject matter.

It makes them ideal for reaching out to new customers who may have yet to hear about your brand! Here is why doodle video makes your content more accessible:

  • By breaking down complex topics into simple, visual representations.
  • Allow viewers to connect with the material
  • and make it easier for viewers to find critical points within a video
  • Doodle videos can be shared across multiple platforms

5.    Increase Engagement & Conversions

Finally, doodle videos can help increase engagement and conversions. The key is to use them correctly in marketing campaigns.

These visuals help break up the monotony by adding some fun elements into the mix while staying true to the message that must be communicated.

Remember, these visuals are entertaining yet informative. So, your target audience will likely act after watching them – like signing up for newsletters or making purchases.

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