4 Reasons why Flyers Are Good For Your Marketing

14 Jan, 2023Graphic, Services

Flyers still matter most!

Yes, they may seem unrelated in 2023, but it’s quite the opposite. Japanese companies spent 263.1 billion yen on promotional flyers in 2021.

Think about how often you delete digital ads and emails without even glancing at them.

4 Reasons Why Flyers Are Important

Marketing…flyer designs…let’s picture it all!

1.    Cost-Effective And Immediately Accessible

Depending on your marketing budget and desired reach, flyers can be very cost-effective.

A flyer costs less than a print ad or online advertisement. But flyer designs matter.

You need to make sure your flyers are designed correctly. Once done, you can get them out relatively quickly.

Next, flyers are easily accessible. People can immediately look and act right away.

Place them at different locations, such as

  • busy intersections
  • On bulletin boards in public places
  • Or directly to customers through the mail.

It will give you more reach and a better chance to be noticed. You can also post the same designs on your social media channels.

2.    Easy To Read And Grabs Attention Quickly

Flyers are easy to read and don’t require a lot of time or effort. You can quickly get your message across in a few seconds.

Also, the fact that it’s tangible and people can physically hold it in their hands makes it stand out from other advertisements like emails and online ads.

If a flyer is placed in the right spot and designed correctly, it can instantly grab the attention of people passing by. This will give a plus to your marketing campaign!

3.    Creates A Personal Touch

Just imagine your potential customers holding your flyer in their hands! This creates a personal connection between you and them that digital ads can’t provide.

Similarly, going to your happy home, you see a flyer at your doorstep. It creates a sense of surprise and personal touch.

This will help to increase the chance of them doing business with you. The affiliation that a flyer creates is much more than a simple digital ad.

4.    Establishes Brand Recognition

Distribution of flyers to an existing or potential customer base can help to create brand recognition and widen a business’ reach in terms of audience.

Your potential customers will soon become familiar with your company’s logo and branding, leading to increased sales opportunities.

Moreover, many businesses have reported positive feedback from customers stemming from flyer campaigns, indicating that this traditional approach still has potential in today’s market.

Finally, Getting Most Out Of Your Flyer Designs

Well, keeping it simple is one of the best methods. The most important elements should be:

  • A clear call to action
  • Bold and easy-to-read fonts
  • Bright and eye-catching colours
  • A good visual representation of your product or service.

Once you get it done and end up with a great flyer, it’s time to start printing. But how to find the right person for printing?

At Mallorca Graphics, we can help you with both the design and the printing with good quality, quick delivery and, most importantly, at a reasonable price.